Sitting, embracing the fear …. 💚

I sit here this morning in wonder about so many things turning my insides upside down. I sit in darkness for those who are in pain. Some will “walk quietly through the noise and haste and remember what peace there is in silence”, while others will throw shame and anger to rid themselves of fear. I have found that fear is not something that you can just try to brush away, it’s there. So, we sit in it and feel it, examine it, in all its texture and fire and rain and then, let it go through us, rather than run and we listen to the music, yes the music, like this one that holds you in comfort and strength. You hold on to those who bring you comfort. Eventually, you realize that all that you are, are the paths that you’ve been through and you are shaped by how you managed yourself through that storm. 🌙🌞✨ #healing #weatheringthestorm #selflove #presence 💚

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