She whispered…

The candle flickered softly and then extinguished as she took her last breath and in that moment life seemed to change, to shift and never would be the same, ever would be the same.

But somehow, the world seemed to carry on. The music continued to play. The cars continued to rush by through the streets along the way. People continued to speak and they laughed and they played and I wondered why. Why had everything not stopped, as I had, for at least just a little while or perhaps at least a day. It seemed only right when the world seemed to have changed in such a drastic way. Should we not all have dropped to our knees for at least a breath or two, to take a colossal moment to deeply recognize the meaning of her life. After all, she was no longer here to make her usual resound. I feared that I would no longer have her here to witness all of our lives, all the good that we we would create, that we would delight in, that we would produce, would take pride in, that we would achieve, that we would surrender, that we would fear. Our daily talks, she and I, no longer would occur here on earth but rather would now speak through channels, spirit sense.

Now as nearly two years have come to pass, I often think, mom where have you gone all this time. I look up to the sky for it is there you always seem to be. Today, perched up on a limb, staring squarely down at me, there you are, your spirit transformed to physical sense for me to feel. As always, you are in flight or sitting still but never alone, gathered closely with your friends as you journey back through time to check on we, as you promised me you’d be. In that moment, I close my eyes and a smile surrounds my life, I hear you whisper gently off , you need not worry my sweet girl for my life, it sure was full, it was complete,unyielding and I am fully now at peace and standing strong by your side …. she whispered softly, carry on. ❤️🌞

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