Forever altered in a global mindset, how can we not be, as we feel this impermanence pounding in all of humanity. Pandemia soon became a widespread gripping fear and one that permeated through all of us here and beyond. The human consequences far reaching all around without prejudice for color, influence, place or faith. The noise of the universe came to sudden silence and all slowed down. The stillness, in its far-reaching power, was profound. A tranquility that breeded energy lifted us to our feet, for we were not about to be silenced in defeat. The people bowed their heads in solemn swear, to come together in resilience and in hope rather than despair. Families sat tight at home, abiding by the guidance in selfless acts. Heroes were counted one by one, those who stood in front but also those who were unsung. Before too long,society came to learn that it’s not the possessions or the jobs or the mansions that seem to carry weight but rather it’s the truth and the calm and the strength, family and dear friends, the music and the love that keep us safe. Survival of the fittest may have proven true for some but the real rule that resounded true was that we all do well when we stand strong, united as one. Moon after shining moon, children woke, finding solace in simple days and neighbors tended genuinely to each and every one. Time seemed to slow and then, stop as if in kind to shine light on the world that had awakened to a new and shaken rhyme. In this, silent, quiet chaos, so serene, the people could hear the beating of their drums once muted by the noise and the haste of their frenzied, careless days. The universe seemed to catch us looking, eye to eye and take notice of simple things like the blue of the skies and the light of the stars long into the dark of the night. There was a pause, there was a halt or perhaps a deeply needed rest from all of the hate that had been sown through the meaningless course of this impermanent race. #covid19 #weareone


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